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Here is the contents of the project README:

RGEN is a library consisting of random number generator and data accumulation
classes. Its envisioned purpose is in the development of Monte Carlo simulations
where the ability to readily substitute a variety of random generators may be
used to assess the influence of the underlying random number sequence on the
simulation results.

Interfaces to Tcl and Python are generated using SWIG.

Although it's quite a while since I started this project, I have been working on
it in a somewhat ad hoc fashion, adding in bits and pieces whenever I come across
something interesting which I think I could fit into the existing framework.
Working like this means that things are probably not structured quite as they
should be, class names are somewhat arbitrary (and a bit too long in some cases)
etc. So, realising that there is lots of scope for improvement, I'm very open to
suggestions and criticisms.

The FORTRAN interface relies on cfortran.h, which can be obtained from


See generic instructions in INSTALL file.

If you have trouble building the SWIG interfaces then you can disable the
culprit(s) using the following configuration options:


You will need the Tcl interface to run the testsuite ("make check").



the wrapper script should be used to execute examples, for example, python

as this ensures that you use _this_ version of rgen.


If some tests fail, then more information can be acquired with:

	make check RUNTESTFLAGS="-v -v"


Andrew Collier

Testing History

Date Version Platform Operating System Tools
18 Oct 2000 0.1.62 Intel Linux 2.2.17 gcc 2.95.2, python 2.0, tcl 8.3.2
21 Sep 2000 0.1.21 Intel Linux 2.2.14-5.0.14smp Sourceforge compile farm (slackware)


The package contains some sample code, illustrating possible uses of the library.


Generation of fractal random walks as described in:


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